Our Dogs

Our dogs are AKC registered, DNA tested, and have clearances by the OFA in accordance with GRCA guidelines.

Origins Good Day Sunshine FITS

“Kyra” is our sweet, dark golden female. She was born on February 9th, 2020 in Madisonville, TN. Her pedigree is a combination of conformation and field lines. She has a high play drive and enjoys learning new behaviors. Kyra has natural marking ability and a strong fetch drive.

Kyra earned the AKC Fit Dog bronze and silver titles in the spring of 2023. The goal for 2024 is to introduce her to the AKC Fetch program and begin earning titles in this new performance sport, as well as finishing her AKC Fit Gold.

Kyra is registered with the American Kennel Club and the Barn Hunt Association.


Health & Stats

  • Hips: Good
  • Elbows: Normal
  • Eyes: Normal
  • Heart: Normal
  • DNA: Carrier of ICH1


Kyra weighs approximately 60lbs and measures 22 inches tall.

Kyra’s K9 Data Link

Kyra’s OFA Link

Origins Summer In The City

“Ivy” is my first keeper puppy, out of our 2023 breeding between Kyra and a dock diving therapy dog stud from Golden Retrievers of South Carolina called Scout. Ivy is currently working through the Cornerstone Gundog Academy program, an at-home retriever training course. I am also training her to earn Trick Dog Novice and Virtual Home Manners by summer 2024, and hope to try many more sports with her in the future. My goal with Ivy is to begin introducing performance and field titles back into our pedigrees.

Health & Stats

  • Hips: TBD
  • Elbows: TBD
  • Eyes: TBD
  • Heart: TBD
  • DNA: Carrier ICH1


Ivy’s parents are both within breed standard, and I expect Ivy to end up somewhere close to Kyra’s size.

Ivy‘s K9 Data Link

“Bred By”

Occasionally we place a puppy with a family interested in completing health testing on their pup, earning titles, and potentially offering breeding services. These dogs are not in “guardian homes” or co-owned, but adhere to the GRCA code of ethics, and we are proud to present them as the descendants of our personal dogs, and the results of our work.


Origins Sunshine Superman

“Kal” was one of our Ivy’s littermates from the 2023 ScoutĂ—Kyra breeding. My sister wanted a sporting prospect and became interested in show and potential stud service and fell for our dark blue boy. When he ended up being our last available puppy, she snatched him up! 

Kal is social and confident and has begun basic obedience in his new home. He is smart and so far shows an affinity for water and retrieving. Ashley, his owner, has run a DNA panel on him and he is completely DNA clear, including ICH. She plans to continue his health testing and to start practicing for sports like Dock Diving and conformation, and earning some fun family dog titles as he grows up. If Kal passes his remaining health testing, we expect to see him available for stud in early 2026.