AKC Golden Retrievers

The goal of our program here at Origins is to preserve the amazing breed of Golden Retrievers and to produce healthy dogs that adhere to the breed standard as described by the American Kennel Club. We wish to produce dogs that are, as the GRCA states, “truly multi-purpose family hunting dogs.”

We want the puppies that we raise to mature into athletic, well-mannered companions able to succeed at a variety of sports, obedience, and just being a great family dog.  It is our belief that the Golden Retriever is one of the best family dogs you could ever own. 

We raise our puppies indoors with early socialization, handling, and behavior shaping. Your puppy will come home with a foundation that will help you get a head start on training, whether you want a hunting companion, a hiking buddy, a well-behaved pet, etc.

The Golden Retriever breed began in the 1860’s as a gundog in Scotland, and was first recognized by the Kennel Club in the UK in 1913. In 1932 they were recognized by the American Kennel Club. We strive to adhere as closely as we can to the breed standard, and to preserve that original purpose of the Golden as a working dog.

At Origins, we do not breed for the white coats and blocky heads of the “English Cream” variety, nor do we seek to ever crossbreed with the poodle for “Goldendoodles”. What you will find at Origins is the traditional wavy, moderate double-coated Golden in a variety of shades which adhere to the standard, from a light cream to a dark golden and which are suitable for field work and other sports.


Our parent dogs are DNA tested through Embark, and have been certified by the OFA to be clear of  breed-specific conditions such as hip dyplasia. You can find more specific results on our Moms and Dads page.


Every dog and puppy is raised and lives indoors with our family. We practice early socialization, behavior shaping, and some ENS and ESI with our litters. You can learn more about this on the Our Program page.


Our highest goal is healthy dogs, but we also wish to produce dogs that can succeed in a variety of fields. Learn more on the Our Program and About Us pages.







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